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Quotes and terms of delivery and payment

All specifications provided in quotes and cost projections are based upon the respective project status as stated. As a general rule, photo costs, image licences, translations and/or production costs are not included in be.public’s fees and will be calculated separately and billed. Also not included are costs for retouching or photo editing, which will be billed on a time and material basis at EUR 120.00 per hour. Contract proofs will be charged at EUR 60.00 (up to A4) or EUR 90.00 (up to A3) on a material basis respectively. Two correction phases are included in page prices and flat rates. Additional changes (author’s corrections) will be billed at an hourly rate of EUR 150.00. Additional third party costs resulting from work carried out at weekends or for express delivery upon the client’s request will be invoiced 1:1 and without surcharge. A over or under delivery of +/- 10% on printing runs is admissible. Positions that are complex and/or time intensive will be billed according to actual complexity and/or time spent. Colour printouts exceeding 30 copies per job will be billed at a price of EUR 0.10 (A4) and EUR 1.00 (A3) respectively. Black and white printouts exceeding 50 copies per job will be billed at a price of EUR 0.02 (A4) and EUR 0.10 (A3) respectively. Deliveries by courier made at the client’s request will be billed according to expenses incurred. Journeys made at the client’s request by be.public employees to locations outside of Vienna will be billed at the official kilometre price or at the listed price for plane or train journeys respectively. Additional third party costs will be invoiced 1:1 without additional charges. Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT or sales tax. Unless otherwise stipulated, all be.public invoices are to be promptly paid in full.

be.public Corporate & Financial Communications GmbH undertakes not to disclose any of the client's operational, business and private matters, which it has become aware of in the context of the assignment, to third parties for an indefinite period of time even after termination of the agreement, unless the client permits disclosure.

In implementing the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), be.public Corporate & Financial Communications GmbH undertakes to protect personal data. All personal data transferred to us will be protected by adequate technical and organisational measures restricting access only to the persons intended to have access, for as long as such data are stored in our company. After expiration of the statutory or contractual storage periods, personal data will be irretrievably deleted in an automated manner.

Data privacy statement of be.public Corporate & Financial Communications GmbH

The protection of your personal data is of great importance to us. Therefore we process your data solely based on the legal regulations (GDPR, Austrian Telecommunications Act 2003). In this data privacy statement, we inform you about the most important aspects of data processing within our website.

Your rights
Generally you have the right of access, the rights to rectification, erasure, restriction, data portability, revocation and the right to object. If you think that the processing of your data is not in line with data protection law or that your data protection rights have been infringed in any other way, you may complain to the supervisory authority. In Austria this is the Data Protection Authority.
be.public Corporate & Financial Communications GmbH respects the rights and obligations under European and Austrian data protection regulations and implements them in its daily business. We always record only data that are required for the performance of our business and we keep them no longer than necessary. After expiration of the periods of retention provided by law or agreed with our customers, employees or applicants, we will delete personal data in an automated manner.

Contacting us
If you contact us by e-mail, the data you provide will be stored for six months to process the request and in case of any follow-up questions. We will not share this information without your consent.

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